Finding the right person for a key job

A job is much more than its title. The required skills and how a job is fulfilled in practice vary from company to company. This despite the fact that the job has an identical name in both companies. Even today, new people are recruited mainly on the basis of standard skills that are associated with their job title. The result is that against all hope and expectations, for seemingly inexplicable reasons, they do not function satisfactorily.

Paquay & Associates offer their clients the opportunity to draw up an accurate profile for key functions in the organization.

Originally recruitment was not part of Paquay & Associates' job responsibilities. In fact, it still isn't. What we offer is mainly 'profiling' a particular job. We provide an accurate description of the tasks and skills associated with the job. Based on this, your trusted recruitment agency can be more focused on exactly what to look for.

A detailed profile description is required

Our services with regard to drawing up job profiles arose from necessity. It is only after much procrastination that many companies call in an external agency for the first time, to find a high-profile (expensive) member of staff for an important key position within the organization. But in practice the recruitment does not yield quite the desired result.

Unfortunately, often it soon becomes clear that this is not what they were expecting. However, the problem usually does not lie with the person who was recruited. The problem was already present during the initial stage, i.e. the moment the expected profile was created. All too often the profile is drawn up on the basis of a standard job description (read: the title on the business card) and is not sufficiently based on the specific needs for that specific job in that particular company.

The correct recruitment method

Job profiling is in fact the culmination of the advisory process that has just been completed:

Once we know where the value is created, a process is initiated to optimize the value creation. Each step in the deployment process is translated into a number of tasks.
During this process it is important to decide who is able to perform these tasks.

However, this exercise often results in a number of tasks not yet being performed by anyone. Furthermore, quite often the exercise also shows that a particular person lacks some of the skills needed to perform well in their job.

In other words, gaps appear in the organization chart. To fill those gaps correctly, we provide a detailed profile description. This customized profile description ensures that the risk of failure is considerably reduced when recruiting external talent for core positions within your company.