Specialized services for growth companies

Paquay & Associates have extensive experience and are able to advise entrepreneurs and their business in a fairly wide range of disciplines.

THowever, we are mainly specialized in those areas where challenges will occur during the typical turning point moments of a growth company. We find it important not to (only) fight the symptoms, even if in some cases this may be necessary. The ultimate goal is always to tackle the core of the problem or challenge.

Finding the cause

We often hear from entrepreneurs that they don't immediately find the services they're looking for in our product list.

We understand why that is, but actually it is not correct. This erroneous perception is caused by an entrepreneur looking for a solution to a symptom, whereas our services address the underlying growth problems.

The following is an overview of some common symptoms that occur on the fault line between what a company does and what it should do, since it has grown and is heading towards a new phase of growth.

  • The business owner feels that he is the only one that has to 'carry the load', and that the staff are not following his lead.

  • Mistakes start occurring more frequently, but no one is able to reduce the error rates.

  • Revenue increases, but the profitability drops or fluctuates sharply.

  • The organization shows no further signs of growth.

  • The company is not successful at tapping into new customer segments.

  • Staff is tired of change: improvements or changes are no longer accepted.

For most of the symptoms mentioned above, you will not find one single service that fits each separate issue. In fact, some symptoms are only resolved by addressing several underlying problems.

The following are the areas of work we work within, to adjust the organization of your company to meet its current and future needs:

  • Mapping and improving the business model

  • Finding value creation: value proposition

  • The optimal product/segment mix

  • Market file: mapping customers and demand

  • 1-3-9 cycle plan

  • Managing the organization correctly: make the organization decision-driven

  • Placing the correct profiles in central locations in your organization chart

  • Starting up and integrating new roles