What you should know about us

We help growth companies in making the transition to the next growth stage.
We do that by eliminating bottlenecks and obstacles, all of which inevitably crop up during a growth process.

If at all possible, we try to prevent them from occurring.

Together with 'our' businesses we look to the future and decide what it would take to get there.

Basically, we concentrate on looking ahead. Perhaps that is the biggest difference between P&A and the many consultancy firms that generally assist companies in difficulties. The latter are forced to cast a glance backwards to see what has gone wrong. We look at what is needed and, sometimes, at what could go wrong.

Intentionally small

In everything we do, we have a concrete end result in mind. For this reason we never charge hourly rates, but we view everything on a project basis. The ultimate objective is paramount. If, en route, we need to adjust our means, then we will do that.

P&A consciously choose to remain a small enterprise. Consequently, we do not need to find work for a large number of employees at various levels. We can concentrate on the essentials. Or, to put it differently, we would rather be worrying about our clients' growth challenges than our own.


The entrepreneur is pivotal

Business owners or CEOs play a central role in a growth company. For many entrepreneurs this statement may come as a surprise, but the speed with which a company grows, is determined by the central key figure: the entrepreneur (or CEO). If too many minor decisions, operational tasks and responsibilities land on the entrepreneur's desk, then the key figure becomes a bottleneck.

This is why, as an entrepreneur/CEO you are pivotal in our approach. If we were to reduce our entire service package to one single idea, then what we really want is to be a sounding board for the person in the middle. Naturally we also need to work with the employees. Also essential are the efforts aimed at managing the company better, easier and more accurately.

Asking the right questions

We are often asked why an entrepreneur would need help from P&A. We are not necessarily smarter than our customers.

But there are three other aspects that ensure we can genuinely help a growth business to move forward:

  1. An external view
    We stand outside the organization, and we can see things that everyone inside the organization can no longer see through habit.

  2. Experience with growth companies
    Entrepreneurs can only learn from their own experience. Our specialization allows us to show you the experiences of dozens of entrepreneurs.

  3. Undivided attention
    It is our job to concentrate on the problems and relevant solutions. For a business owner, these are additional tasks on top of their daily operations. So we focus mainly on the relevant issues, which strengthens our search for the best, sustainable solution.

“P&A ask the right questions”

From a survey among our customers, this was one of the most important considerations for collaboration. And just as often the following quote was heard: “P&A always ask the right questions.” This shows that our clients know that moving the company forward is especially effective if you keep questioning things and remain open to improvement. As an outsider, we have adopted a critical attitude all of our own.