Why (especially) a growing company can use some help

A company with 20 employees works differently and uses other systems than a business that employs 2,000 people. But companies of similar sizes often require very different working methods, which are adjusted to the needs of their product, their customers and the market.

A company is alive. It grows. Customers and products change. In an ideal world the organization, working method and management style evolve together with the company.

In practice, this is much less the case. People are creatures of habit. They only change when they are specifically asked to change. A busy entrepreneur would rather not take time out to reconsider established systems that have always worked fine. New problems have to be solved with the old systems.

Listed below are some of the symptoms that will then emerge:

The business owner feels that he is the only one that has to 'carry the load', and that the staff are not following his lead.
Mistakes start occurring more frequently, but no one is able to reduce the error rates.
Revenue increases, but the profitability drops or fluctuates sharply.
The organization shows no further signs of growth.
The company is not successful at tapping into new customer segments.
Staff is tired of change: improvements or changes are no longer accepted.

Stop fighting the symptoms, treat the cause

A company is constantly changing. However, each company has 5 turning points in which the division between what one actually does and what is required is most pronounced.

When a company's growth comes to a final halt, in almost all cases this will be just after a turning point. In almost all cases, staff has failed to adjust the organization to meet the needs of the company. Partly, this is because companies don't notice the symptoms or when they do, it's too late. In other cases, staff do respond, but essentially just to fight the symptoms: a solution is found for the friction point, but the underlying cause remains untouched. The result is that the problems recur or manifest themselves on a different plane.

Specialized in growth companies

We are specialized in detecting and solving the challenges that arise during turning points in growth companies. Usually, action is required at more than one level. In consultation with our clients, we discuss which areas need to be addressed first and what needs to be done thereafter.